Welcome to Intermediate 2!

November 13, 2018

Dear Families,

The school year is just flying by! Last week we had our last meeting with Pat Mulooly, from Kidsday. Our articles will be in the Kidsday section of the newspaper, Newsday, starting the week January 5, 2019. Students articles will be published all throughout the week! I will send another reminder right after the Christmas break!

In Writing, we’re learning about expository essays. We’re learning about the different parts to a 5 paragraph essay. Students are working on using an online thesaurus to vary word choice and add different synonyms into their writing. We have also talked about how figurative language makes your writing more interesting.

In Reading, we have been reading adventure novels. We are focused on foreshadowing and inferences. We’re also reinforcing to add evidence from the text in our written responses. Next we will be doing nonfiction text.

We have been learning about Native Americans in Social Studies. We have learned about how the different regions of the United States provided different natural resources. Tribes used these natural resources in order to survive. We have been reading articles about the different regions and answering questions. Next students will be choosing one region to create a technology video on.

In Science we’re learning about Energy. We are learning about different kinds of energy, kinetic and potential energy and how we use energy in our day to day lives. We will be focusing in on thermal energy and creating thermal houses.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Monday, November 19th → Student Early Dismissal/Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, November 20th → Thanksgiving Feast 11:30 AM/ Early Dismissal 1 PM

Wednesday - Friday November 21 -23 - Thanksgiving Break

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. bcrosser@oysterponds.org



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