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  • October is ANTI - BULLYING Awareness Month

    Oysterponds is a BULLY FREE ZONE.

    Be a buddy, not a bully!



    Oysterponds Union Free School District

    Please be sure to have your child's/ children's updated medical forms returned to school as soon as possible. 

    These forms include the following: Updated Physical, Over the Counter permission form ( must be signed by parent and physician), Prescription Medication permission form (must be signed by parent and physician).

    All forms can be found on the district website, under the "About Us" tab, click on Health Office.




    Oysterponds Union Free School District

    At the Annual Re-oganizational Meeting on July 11, 2017, the Oysterponds UFSD School Board unanimously decided to hold all future board meetings with a start time to 7:00 p.m. (rather than 7:30 pm).  If an executive session is anticipated, the session will begin either at 6:00 p.m., prior to the regular meeting or after the business of the regular meeting is conducted.  

    Oysterponds Union Free School District

    School for grades K thru 6th begins on Wednesday, September 6, 2017.

    School for pre K students begins on Monday, September 11, 2017.


    Oysterponds Union Free School District
  • Continuing in the Oysterponds tradition....

    WOW!  According to Mrs. Bogden, a record number (16!)  Oysterponds musicians will be participating at the NYSSMA Festival on May 3rd at Mattituck Jr/Sr High School. Best wishes and Congratulations to:   Katherine, Emma, Shepherd, Grace, Sebastian, Cayden, Hunter, Aulis, Thomas, Richie, Ava, Declan, Emma, Gael, Jennifer and Skylar!   Keep up the good work and "if music be the food of on!".  

    Oysterponds Union Free School District

    It's an ideal way to supplement your income and set your own schedule! If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher, please contact us for more information at 631-323-2410 extension 130

    Oysterponds Union Free School District
  • Did you know?

    The Oysterponds  School is the designated emergency shelter for Orient/Orient Pt. residents and the Greenport School is the designated emergency shelter for East Marion Residents.  We truly hope that we never need to use them, but it is always good to have a plan in place.  Experts tell us to be prepared to survive for up to 72 hours before outside help arrives.  Prepare a shelter kit to bring with you to include the following: 1) Change of clothing, rain gear, sturdy shoes, 2) Toiletries and personal items, medications, 3) Blankets or sleeping bag and pillow, 4) Identification, 5) Games, toys, books, 6) Special items for infants or elderly, 6) Non-perishable foods, 7) Sufficient water for 3 days, 8) Cell phone, flash light, extra batteries.  Thanks to the Red Cross, we have a supply of cots and blankets readily available.

    Oysterponds Union Free School District

    Resident pupils of the Oysterponds UFSD scheduled to attend, or who anticipate attending, private or parochial schools are invited to request bus transportation in accordance with distance limitations provided for the public school students if the distance from home to the private or parochial school is not greater than 15 miles. To apply for transportation for the the upcoming school year to a private or parochial school, a request for a transportation form must be received by the district office no later than April 1 of the preceding school year.
    This transportation form must, by law be submitted each year. A separate form must be filed for each child. If, after applying, you wish to change the school which you had originally requested transportation for, you must cancel your previous request and submit another request for transportation on or before April 1 deadline.

    Submit written request for schools within the 15-mile limit to: Superintendent of Schools, Oysterponds UFSD, 23405 Main Road, Orient, NY 11957

    Oysterponds Union Free School District

    Low Teacher-Student Ratio
    Common Core Aligned Curriculum
    Technology Embedded Instruction
    Project Based Learning
    Full Music Program; Instrumental, Strings, Drumming
    Elementary Foreign Language
    Reasonable Non-Resident Tuition Rates
    Interested? Please contact the school at 631-323-2410

    Oysterponds Union Free School District

Welcome to Intermediate 2!

 Dear Parents,

We’re really into the swing of things in our classroom. During reading and writing, we’re just finishing up our humorous fictions novels. We have learned about character traits, writing summaries, how the setting is important in the novel, and how the character can change throughout the story. In writing we’re now writing country reports. Each child is researching a different country and writing about 3 different main ideas, such as places to go, foods to eat, geography, sports to play, etc.

In social studies we’re still learning about Mesopotamia. We learned how the Sumerians settled in the Fertile Crescent, because the land was fertile due to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers flooding. We also learned that Sumerians believed in many gods and worshipped them at a temple in the center of town called a Ziggurat. We will be building Ziggurats in class.

In Science we are starting our Peconic Estuary Project. On Friday, October 20th, we will be going down to Narrow River Road to participate in the project. We will be learning more about our waterways and testing how clean they’re. All our welcome to join us on that day from 9 AM to around noon! A bus will drop us off, but then we will be walking back to the school.

On Thursday, October 19th, we will be going down to Narrow River Road to participate in an archeological dig. Various artifacts will be hidden in the sand, by teachers. Students will need to uncover the artifacts and determine how they might of been used. Again, for this trip we will be dropped off by a bus, and then will walk back to the school.

Reminder, Museum of Natural History field trip in New York City is on Wednesday, October 25th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at


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    Intermediate 2
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