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Dear Families,

I hope everyone had a nice vacation and a happy new year!


Please be on the lookout for our Kidsday articles in Newsday starting this Saturday, January 5th and continuing for the 5 following days! If you pick up an extra newspaper, please send it in with your child and I will laminate all copies and send home with the authors/illustrators.

We’re starting off the new year with argumentative essays in writing. Each student will choose a topic to research and write a 5 paragraph essay based on their argument. Each student has a packet which will organize what is required for each paragraph. We will also be learning how to cite our sources and create a Works Cited page. Some topics might require the students to gather research and interview local community members. We will assist with gathering as many resources as we can in school, but this may require your child to set up interviews outside of the school day.

Be on the lookout for changes on www.oysterponds.TV. Dr. Dan and I are working on updating the website and having the students create biweekly videos about the happenings around our school and community. You will see a new Introduction to the website, as well as new Social Studies videos in the Intermediate 2 tab.

In Reading we will be starting Historical Fiction novels. In Social Studies we’re learning about explorers and what made them famous and how their contributions affect our lives today. We will be creating Kahoot! Quizzes to show what we learned.

During STEM students are starting a new unit on Cells. They will be learning the difference between plant and animal cells. For a culminating project the students will be creating a model of a cell.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at.





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