January 11, 2019



Happy New Year to all of you!  We have now settled back into our daily routines.  Please check your child’s agenda book each night and sign on the bottom.   The reading homework continues to be to read for 15 minutes.  Some guided reading groups are reading from their assigned books for the reading homework.  All children should continue to practice their multiplication facts in the manner that best suits them.


Reading:  In December we read informational texts.  Now we are moving on to reading historical fiction books.  Each group has discussed what their time period was like and compared it to present day.  For the next two weeks we are focusing on theme.  What is the message that the author wants you to know after reading the text?  I went back to the morals that we identified in our fables, and then we talked about the messages that several movies try to get across to the audience.  The children are reading and listening to short texts and identifying the themes.  Each of our guided reading books has a prominent theme that the group will be discussing.


Writing:  Before vacation the children wrote personal narratives and I worked on having them revise their pieces by adding a new lead, sensory images, better word choices, figurative language, and show don’t tell.  Right now I am in the process of conferencing with the children.  Each child has a rubric for the expectations for this writing piece. 


Social Studies:  Russia is the new community that we are studying.  We have looked at the culture and its geographical features.  The children are moving in groups and working on different learning stations.  The stations involve making a timeline of Russia’s history, reading about Siberia and comparing it to Moscow, finding a popular tourist attraction and “Superimposing” themselves into the photo and writing about their visit, identifying the ways people make a living, their natural resources, and their manufacturing, and reading about the culture.


STEM:  We reviewed what a model is and how all organisms go through the same stages of birth, growth, reproduction, and death.  Each child chose an organism and drew a model for each of the stages.  Other areas covered focused around the “Inheritance of traits.”  Why do we resemble our parents?  What are the traits that resemble a parent? What are traits that are learned?


Enjoy your weekend,


Joanne Simicich