March 16, 2018

   Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow.  Next week will be Missoula.  Our schedule will be off a little.  There will not be any homework for the week.  I know the children will work hard and produce a wonderful show.


Reading:  We are just about finishing our science fiction books.  Each book has a message, theme.  The children have to think deeply on what they think the message is and include details to support it. 

    Also we are continuing to work on some ELA preparation.  This includes answering multiple choice questions and moving on to answering short response and extended response questions.  This is an important skill that they will need to know how to do, not just for the ELA. 


Writing:  The robot above has to do with the children drawing a robot and writing about it.  I handed them an outline to follow.  The first paragraph is the introduction.  They needed to tell what their robot does.  In the second paragraph they had to describe the robot by using lots of vivid adjectives.  The third paragraph consisted of what the robot does and adverbs to describe the action.  A conclusion is the last paragraph.  Reviewing adjectives and learning about the roles of adverbs was taught prior to this assignment.


Math:  Grade 4 is busy with fractions.  They have been simplifying fractions, changing improper fractions into mixed numbers, placing the improper fractions on a number line, adding and subtracting like denominator fractions, and adding and subtracting mixed numbers.

       Grade 3 has worked on analyzing different rectangles and using the distributive property to find the area.  All of these strategies are being used to find the area of rooms with given floor plans.


STEM:  Our sound stations are now finished.  I asked the children to write for me what they learned about sound through all their investigations.  Now we are moving onto heat energy (thermal energy).  The goal is to learn about the three ways that heat can be transferred, conduction, convention, and radiation.  We watched a short video at the beginning of the week and then I demonstrated three different examples and they had to tell me which type it was and why.


Social Studies:

   New York is now an English colony.  We are discussing what life was like for the colonists under British rule.  They placed many taxes on their goods, “Taxation without Representation.”  All of this leads up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution.  We will continue to read why New York was so important to the British. 


Have a great weekend.