March 11-15, 2019


On Friday, March 29th, the faculty will be holding a “Wingo” Night for the children.  This event begins at 6:30pm.  It will be a fun evening.  The Iditarod Dogsled race has concluded for some of the mushers.  Congrats to Henry for choosing the winning musher.  It was nice to see two female mushers finish in the top four spots.  The children did a beautiful job on making their movies of the different regions of Alaska.

Reading:  For the past two weeks we have focused on the strategies to answer multiple choice questions.  This is an important skill for the children to work on.  They will have many assessments in their future that use this format.  We also reviewed reading all parts of the text, including the words in italics and word boxes.  We went over what to do when we can’t read a challenging word in the text.

Writing/Grammar:  The focus in grammar has been on verbs.  We worked on finding action, helping, and linking verbs.  Also we went over the tenses of verbs and the irregular past tense verbs.  I always want to incorporate our grammar into our writing.  Our new writing is based on a spaceship that lands in the playground.  The children are required to add a variety of action verbs to their writing.  In addition they will incorporate dialogue.  We went over the rules for writing dialogue. 

STEM:  What is the difference between weather and climate is the focus for our weather unit that we just started.  With this unit the children learned all about different climate zones and will keep track of the weather for one city in this climate zone.

Math:  Both grades are immersed in new modules that involve learning about fractions.  He fourth graders have taken it a step further and are identifying equivalent fractions and comparing fractions in many ways, drawing visuals, making number lines, cross multiplying, and comparing the fraction to a half. 

Enjoy your weekend.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day.