November 9, 2018


Happy Veteran’s Day to all of you who have served.  We appreciate your dedication. 

    I have sent home the first trimester parent teacher conference form with the date and time for your conference on it.  Please make sure you confirm that the time is okay.   Other arrangements can be made if you are not able to come at the given time.   

    On December 5th both Intermediate 1 & 2 will be going to the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City.  The bus will leave before school begins and will be back around 4pm.  I, myself, have not been there before, and look forward to this field trip.  


Reading:    Last week the children worked on fairy tale debates.  They each had one position and they had to state their points to their opponent.  It was a great experience for them to speak in front of the class and to try to defend their positions.

      Our new genre is informational/nonfiction.  We discussed the differences between fiction and nonfiction and how we read them differently.  Nonfiction has many different text features that also give information.  This was the focus on the week’s lessons.  Each guided reading group read about a different biome, habitat.  First they previewed the table of contents to determine the book’s focus.  Then they looked at and identified other text features.  One activity that we worked on involved finding the big idea for one section and then the little ideas.  This was an activity that reinforces the skill of finding the main idea.  Next week we will read our National Geographic articles and an assortment of other nonfiction texts.


Math:  The third graders are continuing to work on their multiplication facts and module 3, properties of multiplication and division.



Fourth graders have started module 3.  They are identifying the perimeter and area of different rectangles and then are identifying an unknown side by using what is given.  We will look at strategies that will help the children understand how to multiple double-digit numbers and then long division.

It is so important that the children continue to practice at home their multiplication facts.  Knowing the facts will make learning the process so much easier.


Social Studies:  We have been learning about Nigeria’s culture.  Last week we read what the Kente Cloth is and what each color represents.  In addition we read two different folktales that gave us some insight into this region of the world.  The drum is one of the most important instruments to this country and to most of Africa.  I asked the children to research why this is so.  They were given websites to use to answer this question.  They also had  to  produce a Keynote slide on their I pads. 


STEM:  After reviewing what a plant needs to grow, the children created new investigations by changing one thing a plant needs.  One group used crushed Oreos instead of soil, another used coffee grinds.  Instead of water, some used salt water, lemonade, or Diet Coke.  They are making observations every couple of days. 

    How does a plant survive in its habitat?  We are learning about different adaptations that plants have.  The children have reviewed the conditions in  different environments and then started to build their own plant that would survive there. 


As you can see, we have been busy.  We look forward to meeting with all of you to discuss your child’s progress.