May 4, 2018


     “Lunch Box Derby” is an exciting hands-on science project that we worked on this week.  It involves designing a vehicle made of at least five fruits and vegetables that will travel the furthest distance down a ramp.  Engineering skills have been put to good use.  This was the culminating activity in our forces and motion unit.

          On Wednesday, May 9th, we will be going to Old Bethpage Village for our filed trip.  This village is a restoration of what life was like in the early 1800’s on Long Island.  Old houses were brought to the property from all areas of Long Island.  The children will enjoy this experience.  Please make sure they have comfortable shoes on and have a brown bag lunch. 

Reading:  The guided reading groups have finished the books we started a few weeks ago.  We are taking the time to work in our “NY Progress” books on reading informational text and identifying the main idea of the article and of the individual paragraphs.  Main idea was also reinforced in our National Geographic magazines as well as the “Time for Kids” article we read on new inventions.

Writing:  Thank you for your help with the “When I was Born” part of the autobiographies.  The baby pictures are just adorable.  The children are working hard on writing all the different parts.  The poem and top ten list are quite interesting.

Social Studies:  After learning about the Constitution, we learned about the three branches of government for our federal, state, and local governments.  To reinforce what they learned on the branches, we did a “Simulation” called “What’s for Lunch.”  The children were lead chefs, menu writers, and nutrition inspectors.  They role played each branch and were able to identify why each role represented a certain branch. 

Science: In addition to the “Lunch Box Derby” activity, we also read about Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.  We went over all the different kinds of forces that act upon us and objects.

We are still going strong in Intermediate 1.  Have a great weekend.