Primary 2 Newsletter



November 13, 2018

Dear Families,

We hope you had a wonderful, long weekend. Primary 2’s Veterans Day silhouettes are hanging in the hallway! They really did a fantastic job understanding and writing about what this special day stands for! We are so excited about the upcoming holidays.

In Science, this week we are focusing on the moon and its phases. In Social Studies, we will be continuing our holiday study. We will be learning the history of Thanksgiving. We will also begin a unit on communities. One of our essentials questions has the class thinking about how a family is like a community.

In Math, the first grade is focusing on making 10 first and then adding on the rest of the problem. For example, 9+6= 10+5. Second grade is continuing with place value. They are counting within ranges of numbers using ones, tens, and hundreds.

Please remember to practice spelling words with your child daily. Students can complete practice tests at home, use index cards, and/or play memory games with the word. Anything extra you can do with your child at home only helps them.

Have a great week!