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Class Focus


We are so excited to officially welcome spring this week!  I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this past weekend and had a fun St. Patrick’s Day if you celebrate.  A tricky leprechaun has visited our classroom, and he left lots of fun little games and treats for us to enjoy!

 We will be busy this week reading stories about the change of seasons, and we will use this opportunity to review what we learned about the four seasons.  This will also tie in nicely with our water cycle and weather theme.  While we’re at it, we’ll try and throw some rainbow science into the mix!  This might be a bit much for one week, so I’m sure this will roll over into next week as well.

 Our math focus is always hands on interaction through use of games and manipulatives.  We use our daily Question of the Day graph to discuss larger and smaller number quantities.  The children have a good understanding of this concept and are beginning to independently use classroom tools, such as a number line, to help distinguish between the two. 

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