PreK News !

We made it through our first full week!  I have to compliment your children.  By the end of the week they were already familiar with the structure of our day and our “classroom rules” and routines.  They are a really sweet group, and they all get along very well!

 The focus for this week will continue to be practicing our daily routines and expectations.  We are adjusting to the schedule of our day which means we have to allow for a lot of time in between activities. We will work on a few crafts to decorate our classroom and hallway which will be filled with our child’s work in no time!

 We will also be practicing for our first fire drill which will be coming up shortly.  I know this can be a scary concept for some children so please discuss this at home with them as well.  Rest assured, I emphasize the importance of the practice while trying my best to take the “scare” factor out of it.  However, we do need the children to understand how important it is.

 Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns. My email is or call the school at (631) 323-2410. The classroom extension is 107.