Primary 2 Newsletter



September 16, 2019

Dear Families,

We hope everyone had a nice weekend. We can’t believe that the first day of Fall is one week from today! Primary 2 came in ready to work this morning. The students took a new spelling pretest. The words are from their stories about space (2nd grade) and an adorable story called Pig in a Wig (1st grade) in their Reading Street BIG books. The words are now in their notebooks. The spelling assignments for this week were placed in their mailboxes this morning. The students need to complete the assignments from the spelling tic, tac, toe boards which are glued in their notebooks.

Our birthday celebrations will continue as they did last year. We will NOT be having food brought in to celebrate. We would love for each birthday person to have a special book (new or one from home) that they can share with the class. The books will be displayed on a birthday shelf for a little while, but then will be returned. Students will also be writing birthday letters and then sharing!

Reading folders will go home today. We started guided reading and discussed how to figure out the main idea of a story. Please have your child read the book, books sent home in his or her folder each night and then return each day. Primary 2 has discussed that guided reading is active reading!

In Writing, the students are working on a Functional Writing unit. We read about a little girl named Fancy Nancy and how she wanted her family to be fancy like her. The book demonstrates lists, menus, ads, and charts showing what functional writing is! The students are also writing in their journals. They had to make a list of their favorite foods. They have word books to help them look up words when spelling.

In Science, we are working on our introduction unit. We will be discussing different kinds of scientists. The students will also be discussing the different tools that scientists use when they conduct experiments. The students completed their lab on fingerprints and reflected in their STEM journals. Mrs. Robinson started Spanish with lessons on colors and numbers. The class is split at times where the second graders are reviewing these topics but are also working on more complex work like the numbers to 100! The second graders also labeled our classroom with Spanish words!

In Social Studies, we will be continuing with working on activities that teach respect in our community and how to show positive character traits. Students discussed how they can be responsible at school and at home.

In Math, the second graders are adding and subtracting within 100. They will be practicing different strategies when adding and subtracting. They will be taking an assessment on Module 1 this Friday. We then will be moving on to Module 2, which involves measurement. The first graders are working on simple number bonds to 10.


Have a great week!