Primary 2 Newsletter




February 24, 2020

Dear Families,

We hope you enjoyed the long break. Spelling assignments are from the packet this week. Please make sure all are completed, including the additional practice test the kids take Thursday night. Guided reading folders will go home today. Please continue to read each night with your child.

In Science, the students have finished up their unit study on the solar system and are now moving onto Wind and Water Erosion. They will be discussing how weathering is the breaking down of the earth's surfaces while erosion is the movement of the particles of weathering.

In Social Studies, we have finished discussing homes and houses around the world. We have also finished our research posters on famous black Americans. The students did a wonderful job and their finished pieces are hanging in the hallway! We will also be discussing Dr. Seuss. In honor of his birthday, which is March 2nd , the students will be listening to the story, The Lorax. They will also be watching the original video. They will make various crafts and complete writing assignments related to his stories. If you have any Dr. Seuss books you would like to send in and share we would greatly appreciate it! If anyone wants to come in as a Mystery Reader this upcoming month and share a Dr. Seuss book that would be great too!

In Math, the second graders are working hard solving addition and subtraction problems with large numbers. We have been discussing that there is more than one way to solve a math problem. The first graders have started a new module on measurement and are tallying data!

We will be having a St. Patrick’s Day party on the 17th of March! Look for the letter to go home next week! Have a great week!