Welcome to Intermediate 2!


Dear Families,

6th Grade Parents - For our 2019 yearbook we will kindly ask you for the following by February 13th…


  • One baby photo
  • Photos throughout the years
  • One or two parents to send in the group picture day photo from K - 6th Grade


Thank you,

6th Grade Yearbook Staff


Please send your child in with a box to decorate for Valentine's Day by February 8th. (ex tissue box, cereal box) Your child is welcome to bring in Valentines, attached is the list of all the students in our class.


  • John A _______  
  • Hunter _______  
  • Aulis _______  
  • Steven _______  
  • Connor _______  
  • Raelynn _______  
  • Nyah _______  
  • Anastasia _______
  • Grace _______  
  • Nicolas _______  
  • Sebastian _______
  • Kaitlin _______  
  • John T _______  
  • Abby _______  
  • Cayden _______  
  • Emma D _______  
  • Nicholas D_______  
  • Cairo _______  
  • John H _______
  • Katherine _______  
  • Reagan _______  
  • Emma _______  
  • Billy _______  
  • Madelyn _______
  • Joel ______
  • Thomas______


In Writing, we’re working on historical fiction stories. Students have chosen to write about various time periods such as, World War II, 9/11, Exploration of the Americas, Native Americans, etc. We will be spending the next week and a half working on these stories during writing.

In Social Studies, our next unit is on the 13 Colonies. We learned all about how European Explorers found new land in the Americas. Now we will learn about how they set up colonies, each with different ways of life. We will focused on the importance of the roles of the men and women, job opportunities based on the geography in the region, education and religion. We will create brochures advertising people to come to their colony.

In STEM we’re finishing up our unit on plant and animal cells. Students will be creating their own models of animal and plant cells as a final project.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.





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