February 7, 2020



Next Friday is Valentine’s Day.  We will have a small party in the classroom.  I am attaching a class list if you are sending in Valentine cards for all the children.  If you are able to send in a small treat or drink, please email me, jsimicich@oysterponds.org .  


Reading:  Historical fiction books are being read in all guided reading groups.  Skills are being reinforced and reviewed while reading these books. They have been taken back into different time periods and are learning about the events of that time period and how people lived.  

    As I mentioned last time, the children come in each morning and go to “Google Classroom.”  I have been sending them short informational texts and they are answering two questions for each text.  All the questions are reinforcing the skills that we covered in our nonfiction unit. Some of the questions include finding the main idea, identifying evidence that supports an inference, identifying a sentence that represents the main idea of a text, and explaining how a person’s actions affect another person’s actions.  


Writing:  To conclude our text structure unit, the children have chosen an animal to research and they are writing four different paragraphs about the animal.  The paragraphs are written in each text structure; description, sequential, compare/contrast, and cause/effect. We are also continuing to write when given prompts.  My focus is to get the children to apply all the good writing strategies that we have covered so far this year. They are now taking ownership of their writing and are evaluating where their writing falls in the writing continuum.  


Math:  The fourth graders have completed  module 3. The end of the module assessment covered two-step problem solving, double digit multiplication, long division, factors, and multiples.  Extra time was taken to go over all the problems on the assessment. There were many errors that involved computation. I have been stressing the importance of knowing the multiplication facts.  I am pleased to see some children working hard at home to earn them. The new module is focusing on fractions and the multiplication will be used here too.

      The third graders have worked on finding the area of a rectangle by using multiplication.  They worked on finding the missing length and width by using division and multiplication. 


Social Studies:  The essential question posed was, “What were the positive and negative influences of the Dutch, French, and English explorers.”  Background was given about Columbus and the experiences that early explorers had with sea sickness and food supply. We read about Henry Hudson and his quest for a northwest passage to the east.  The explorers were looking for a faster way to get to the east for spices, silver, gold, and trade with other countries. 


STEM:  With our energy unit, the children know how energy is never lost, it just changes forms.  This is called the “Law of Conservation of Energy.” They rotated through different stations and identified the change.  For example they put bread in a toaster and identified that it changed from electrical energy to heat energy. For the next two weeks we will focus on sound energy.  Once again I have six different hands-on stations for them to explore the major concepts of sound energy.


    Mrs. Bogden has set up a field trip to Lincoln Center for March 19th.  Please send in the permission slip and the $30 if you would like your child to go.  Mrs. Bogden needs to give a final count for this performance.


   Enjoy the weekend everyone.