May 3, 2019


          This week the children completed their NYS Math Assessment.  They were focused and tried their best.  We are so proud of their efforts.   This new month brings new units of study and next week we will get back to our regular homework routine.  Please make sure that you sign the agenda books and look for the next spelling list on Monday. 

     Permission slips went home prior to vacation for our field trip to The Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead.  We will be going there on Wednesday, May 29th.  Additional copies were sent home this week if you haven’t returned the form and money.


Reading:  The guided reading groups have been completing their nonfiction books about dogs.  They have been asking questions prior to reading, while reading, and after reading.  The children came up with so many interesting questions that required all of us to do additional research.  They were such creative and thought provoking questions.  Next week we will be going back to reading fiction books.


Writing:  Writing an opinion piece is what we are working on in class.  The children have worked on introducing the topic they are writing about and stating an opinion.  Their reasons and examples were first written on a graphic organizer.  This guide helps them write with an organized structure.  Our minilessons focused on using transition words and backing up the reasons with specific examples. 


Social Studies:  Japan is our next destination in our study of world communities.  When starting with the geography, I asked the children to write down “Where in the World is Japan?”  It was interesting to see that they were able to name the continent and natural features to narrow down the location.  Learning about Japan’s ancient civilization will be covered next.

STEM:  Part of the Next Generation Science Standards with our weather unit is to design a solution to a weather hazard.  The children are constructing homes to withstand hurricane force winds.  They have planned their design on paper first and are constructing the homes.  In our next unit we will investigate balanced and unbalanced forces. 


Next week we will be back to our regular classes and routines.  Have a nice weekend.