September 6, 2019



     Week of

     September 9-13, 2019




Hello Families,

    It has been a busy week here in Intermediate 1.  We had a moment of silence to remember September 11th and then we all went outside to place flags around the flagpole.  The focus for our classroom discussion centered on what a Patriot is and how we can all work towards helping others.

    Intermediate 1 & 2 will be going on a field trip to the Bronx Zoo on Thursday, October 3rd.  The permission slip was sent home yesterday.  Please send in the $30.00 in an envelope with your child’s name on it.  We look forward to a great time. 


Reading:  “RACE” is an acronym that the children learned to help them answer questions.  R-restate the question. A-answer all parts, C-cite evidence, and E- explain and edit for correct punctuation.  This was applied when answering questions on a short fiction or nonfiction piece.  I have been reinforcing the need to go back to the text to find an answer, using a key word in the question to assist you.  Also, we are starting to read Pourquoi Stories, one type of folktales. These stories explain why something in nature happened.  For instance, why the sun is in the sky. 


Writing:  “What makes you happy? ” is the writing piece that the children are working on.  Using the graphic organizer, the children wrote down three things that make them happy and then included more details.  We worked on writing a topic sentence, using order words, and writing a conclusion.  After conferencing with the children, they will write a final copy for you to see at “Back to School Night.”


Math: Both third and fourth grade are working on module 1, place value.  The fourth graders need to understand a digit’s value is 10 times what it would be  one place to its right.  We are using the place value chart to place digits and bundling them when multiplied by ten.  Twenty tens would be changed to two hundreds.  They are also multiplying the numbers, 20x10= 200.   Please continue to reinforce the multiplication facts.


Social Studies:  Using a world map, the children identified the continents and oceans.  We used the map to work on cardinal and intermediate directions. 


STEM:  Creating and conducting new investigations is what the children did after our Skittle experiment.  “Which liquid will dissolve the color of a yellow skittle the fastest?”  This was the experiment.  The children discovered that water, vinegar, and lemon juice were the fastest ones.  In their STEM books, the children wrote down a question they wanted to answer.  We saw Skittles in olive oil, cherry juice, coffee, and seltzer.  One investigation compared the Skittle in cold and warm water.  Another wanted to know if the color of the Skittle mattered.  The will be writing how they were like a scientist.


          New York State has issued many new safety regulations when it comes to technology and protecting school information.  As a result, we will not be using our home computers or phones to look at school emails.  We always look at the email when we come to school and before we leave at the end of the day.  I will return emails as soon as I get to school in the morning.  I am there early.  More of this will be covered at “Back to School Night.” 


    Have a fantastic weekend.