January 10, 2020



     It is a new decade and I still have to get used to writing 2020.  We hope that you all enjoyed the holidays with your family. The children have been so cooperative since they have come back.  They are focused and working hard.   


Reading: Continuing with our informational reading unit, the children are working on reading texts written in different text structures.  The week started off with reading the text structure on problem/solution. We are also working on cause/effect and chronological order. In addition to our guided reading group work, the children come in each morning and they go to “Google Classroom” and work on their reading assignment for the morning.  The same text is presented each day and the children answer different questions. The questions range from identifying the main idea, providing evidence that supports a statement, and identifying vocabulary words in context. After they submit their answers, one of the teachers in the room go over any questions that the children had difficulty with.  


Writing:  Personal narrative writing is our new writing unit.  The children completed a sheet on different topics that they brainstormed.  This will help them to decide on a piece to write about. The first focus is on “Zooming” in on a story and not writing about the whole vacation.  We will spend much time on revising this piece for strong leads, transition words, adding dialogue, and varying sentence beginnings.



   Grade 4:  A review was necessary to go over the concepts of identifying factors of numbers, multiples, and telling if a number is prime or composite.  These concepts reviewed can be very difficult and time consuming if the multiplication facts are not known. Please continue to work on these facts at home.   We also worked on identifying if a number is a factor of a larger number as well as determining if a whole number is a multiple of a larger number.

  Grade 3:  This is what the third grade covered;

  • Interpret the unknown in multiplication and division to model and solve word problems.
  • Apply the distributive property as a strategy to multiply and divide
  • Identify and use arithmetic patterns to multiply and divide
  • Solve 2 step word problems involving all four operations and assess the reasonableness of solutions


Social Studies:  Our focus this week was on learning about the Iroquois.  The children worked with partners to read about the daily life of the Iroquois.  They read how and what they hunted, the responsibilities of the men and women, the role of the clan and its leader.  


STEM:  Energy is our  new unit. They learned the difference between potential and kinetic energy.  The children worked on identifying examples of each in real life and where the points would be on a roller coaster.  We extended the learning by making spool racers. They followed the directions and pictures on a sheet of paper. When you twist the rubber band and hold it on the floor you have potential energy.  When you release it and it rolls across the floor, you have kinetic energy.  



We are looking for magazines that we may have for classroom activities.  We would appreciate any that you may not want.  


Have a great weekend.  


Joanne Simicich   Amy Schill