Primary 1 Classroom News - Week of May 13 - 17, 2019

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day weekend!

On Friday, we had the National Circus Project visit our school. The children absolutely loved the performance and the workshop. The children had the opportunity to juggle, balance plates on sticks, and feathers on their nose. Such a wonderful day! I hope they came home and told you all about it.

We will be visiting the Scholastic Book Fair on Tuesday, May 14th at 10:30 am.

Last week, the children were really engaged in our story entitled; Mayday, Mayday. They asked so many interesting questions. It was exciting to listen to the audio interview of a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer. Two students stated, they want to be in the Coast Guard!!!

 This week we will read and learn about homes around the world.

If your child has a summer birthday and you would like them to celebrate in school, please jot me a note and I will let Mrs. Bennett know. If you would like to bring in a snack to share, you must check with Mrs. Bennett first. The snack you bring in is shared at lunchtime in the lunchroom.

Hope you have a great week!


Important Dates:

Important Dates:

May 13-17 – Scholastic Book Fair                                                                                                                                                                                                           May 24 – Early Dismissal Emergency Evacuation Drill – 11:30

May 22 – Spring Concert – 7:00 pm

May 21 – Budget/Board Vote 2:00 – 8:00                                                                                                                                                                                              May 24 – Early Dismissal Emergency Evacuation Drill – 11:30                                                                                 

May 22 – Spring Concert – 7:00 pm


Mickey/Minnie Adventures

Thank you so much for taking the time to take pictures/draw and write in the Mickey/Minnie journal with your children. They loved hearing each week about Mickey/Minnie’s adventures

What We Are Learning...

Phonics: Aa, Ii

Phonological Awareness: /a/ /i/

Genre: Informational Text

Comprehension: Cause and Effect

Vocabulary: home, roof, tools, apartment, city, country



What We Are Learning....

Sight Words: why, who

Reading: Homes Around the World by Judy Nayer

Question of the Week: What kinds of homes do people around the world build?

Conventions: verbs that add -s

Social Studies: Maps

Science: plants and animals