PreK News !


Class Focus

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend with your little ones and had a lovely Mother’s Day.  The weather was good for relaxing indoors, which I’m sure many of you busy moms needed.  I know I sure did!

We had a very exciting day on Friday.  The morning started off with an assembly from the National Circus Project.  We enjoyed watching the clowns perform and we also learned a bit about how they do their tricks and the history of circus acts from around the world.  It was SO much fun and we all had a great time.

In the afternoon the Nappa family provided us with a wonderful treat by bringing in their baby goats for us to see and play with.  It was hysterical JI don’t know who had more fun – the goats or the children!  The children all had a chance to hold and pet the goats.  The goats had a lot of fun playing with everyone on our playground equipment.  It really was a very special treat, and I thank the Nappa’s so much for the experience. I’m sure your children told you all about it!

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